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Development Coordinator

D’Ondré’s ten years in vacation ownership sales at a leading hotelier in The Bahamas is the foundation of her development career at Queen’s College. Her goal to be an instrumental tool in the development of others is the primary reason she finds herself engaged at her Alma Mater.

D’Ondré holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Mount Allison University and a Master of Education in Social Context and Education Policy from the University of the West Indies. Her work and education allow her to support the development of the school’s vision with sustainable practices. D’Ondré also understands that schools are the spaces where individuals can better prepare for the role of a 21st-century leader in their purpose. 

She also appreciates that there are varying social and cultural perspectives which exist within the Bahamian context and that it is essential to cultivate relationships between communities and education to bridge these connections.  Her goal is to support learners in their development, as active national, regional and global citizens living within democracies, leading to the development of the nation. 

Over the years, her employment and academic work has been the door to her, helping others. D’Ondré’s work with The Brighter Bahamas Foundation, a non-profit organization that advocates for reading literacy, and her position as a founding member of the Rotary Club of East Nassau Satellite Club, Rotary After Dark, are additional opportunities in which she is of active service to her country.

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