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Colleagues Working in Office


The Centre for Further Education is committed to providing resources that equip, train and empower adult learners for work, personal growth, development and leadership.

Colleagues Working in Office


To become the institution of choice for adult-centered programs that are affordable, progressive and technologically current.

Colleagues Working in Office


Integrity – We conduct our business with the highest standards of professionalism both in and out of the classroom. We ensure that all instructors and presenters are aligned to the same standards set out by the Centre.

Quality – We are committed to providing a quality curriculum that meets the needs of its clients and aligns with the standards outlined by the Ministry of Education Accreditation Unit. We ensure that presenters and instructors possess the qualifications and discipline to deliver.

Collaboration – To collaborate with other institutions and industry to provide an easy transition for students into other institutions and levels of career and personal achievement.

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