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Who Are We

The Centre for Further Education (CFE) is a Strategic Training Partner, which focuses on the Assessment, Development, Delivery and Impact of adult-centered education programs.  CFE makes up the complete circle of educational possibilities within Queen’s College, one of the oldest establishments of educational excellence in The Bahamas.

Why We Exist 

The Centre for Future Education enlightens, empowers and transforms. Within the foundation of our core values Integrity, quality and collaboration, we exist to impart knowledge through Individual Commitment that people value and within which through Community Focus organisations thrive.

What We Do

The Centre for Further Education Conducts Manpower Assessments of human capital needs and skills gaps.  We facilitate training in Business Administration, Budgeting and Finance, Communications, Customer Service, Customized Training Courses and Programs, Human Resource Management, Leadership Development, Logistics, Marketing, Operations, Stakeholder Relations, Strategy, Training and Development inclusive of Train the Trainer templates for In-House subject matter experts and Human Resource professionals.

Assessments provide insight into your organisations' training needs. Training sharpens skill sets, and Impact Studies measure the outcome of training and development programs on employee performance.

How We Work

The Centre for Future Education is a client-focused, customer-driven excellence institution with agility on or off-site through blended learning mediums.  As an institution with a rich legacy in education excellence, training and development, we can deliver quality program design, instruction, engagement, and evaluation that impact people, performance, and profits at competitive rates.

When and Where: We provide outsourced training opportunities which are flexible and responsive to customer needs, with customised training delivery and solutions.

What Are Your Needs

Queen’s College Centre for Further Education, wants to partner with you to create and develop Excellence. We grow people, performance and profits Above and Beyond present expectations to engage cosmic results; COME TRAIL BLAZE WITH US.

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New Hires


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C.F.E.: What's Happening
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