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C.F.E. embraces partnerships with individuals, teams and
businesses that will enhance lifelong learning and personal
growth/development for young people and adults.

Cover Letter and Resume Clinic (Jaydian Miller & Company)

This one-day session allowed community members to sign up for a free 20 minute one on one session with Jaydian Miller, Communications Specialist to review and get feedback on their cover letters and


Smart Money Livestream (Drewber Solutions)

This live stream allowed participants to sit and learn from experts in finance and money management. Key speakers were Dave Ramsey and Chris Hogan.

Legal Aid Clinic for Millennials (Rotaract Club of East Nassau)

This event hosted by millennials for millennials allowed attendees to receive advice on divorce/family matters, wills and estates planning,
employment, criminal offences, real estate and more.

Student Leavers Symposium (Rotary Club of East Nassau)

This effort equipped students with the tools and tips needed as they transition to the real world. Key topics were 7 Habits for Highly Effective People, How to apply for a passport, driver’s license and NHI, How to apply for a scholarship, What to expect of college life, How to choose a career path, Financial management and more.

2018 Summer Programs (QC Class of 1997)

We are always looking for donors to assist those who may not be able to afford our programming. Special thanks to QC Class of 1997 for their contribution in assisting students further grow and develop. Students participated in iLead Week, Art Camp and Jr. Tech Genius.

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