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Mrs Vivian Brown first developed an interest in Child Psychology at the age of twelve, when she volunteered to help her Preschool Teacher teach Summer School students in the Fox Hill Community. As part of her responsibility, she had to help students transition into Preschool by comforting and assuring them of the safe environment.  


Vivian attended Elmira College in Elmira, New York to pursue her interest in Child Psychology and Early Childhood Development. She also attended the University of the Bahamas and received an Advanced Degree in Social Work.  She has worked at The Ministry of Education as a School Social Worker, assisting children and their families with social, emotional support as well as long term planning for a functional, healthy and emotional family life.

She was Co-ordinator of the Teenage Mother Programme, now called P.A.C.E. (Providing, Pregnant, Adolescent with Continued Education) from its inception. She is now, Head of Counselling at Queen’s College, supervising four other Counsellors and working with students in Foundation Years. 

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