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$60.00 per hour (VAT Inclusive)

Workshop rooms are fully air-conditioned and equipped with a smart T.V., wifi access, whiteboard, and male/female restrooms. 

Maximum capacity: 7 people 

Workshop Rm.png

Host a virtual meeting for over 1000 people. Our host will assist in managing your meeting as well as special features like screen sharing, breakout rooms, polls etc. 


1. Pricing is subject to change. The financial commitment will be confirmed after discussion and included in the final contract to be signed. 

2. The room will be available 30 minutes before the scheduled time and 15 minutes after. If the time is extended beyond this period, the organizer will be charged 50% of the hourly rate. Should the extended time reach the hour mark, the organization will be charged the full hourly rate negotiated.​

3. Multiple dates and durations are available.​

Please email for additional assistance. 

Virtual Rm.png

$95 per hour rate with a host (VAT Inclusive)

Access to a Paid Zoom Account 

Training Rm.jpg

$85.00 per hour (VAT Inclusive)

Training rooms are fully air-conditioned and equipped with a digital projector, wifi access, flip chart, and male/female restrooms. Maximum capacity: 15 people (classroom style) or 30 people (theatre style). 

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