Virtual training is an opportunity for continued growth and development in an increasingly computerised world. This summer, Queen's College Centre for Further Education is committed to continuing excellence, focusing on personal, professional and entrepreneurial programming, 

$99 Training

  • The Future of Money & E-Payment Solutions

  • Leading Teams Through Change

  • Making Money Online and Offline

  • Fun Learning Activities fr Children at Home

  • Quick Graphics for Social Media & Print

  • Introduction to Spiritual Discernment

  • Adapting to a New Workplace Culture

$150 Training

  • Business Continuity Plan (BCP) Building Basics

  • Basic Principles of Project Management

  • How to Provide Great Customer Service During Crisis

  • The Emotionally Healthy Leader

  • Developing Organizational & Time Management Skills

  • Strategic Branding & Marketing Techniques For Success

$250 Training

  • DIY Websites

  • Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management

  • Coding 101