$99 Training

The Future of Money & E-Payment Solutions

Jun. 11 - 18 | Th | 6-7:30pm 

This course is designed to provide an introduction into the world of electronic payments, the various options that are available to business owners specifically in the Bahamas and how best to posture your business in this new era of modernized payments.

The course targets business owners, merchants, young entrepreneurs, technologists, general consumers, finance professionals, and persons who may find themselves affected by ePayments solutions.

Leading Teams Through Change

Jun. 18 - 25 | Th | 11am - 12:30pm 

This online seminar gives a concise overview of leadership strategies that can be applied to teams changing. Whether it is a change brought on by innovation, restructuring, expansion or loss, leaders have the task of helping navigate the team into a safe and productive space that benefits all stakeholders.

The target audience for this seminar is team leaders across diverse management levels and industries, who lead groups of any size or expertise.

Making Money Online and Offline

Jun. 20 - 27 | Sat. | 11am - 12:30pm

Fun Learning Activities for Children at Home

Jun. 29 - Jul. 1 | Mon. & Wed. | 11am - 12:30pm

Quick Graphics for Social Media & Print

Jul. 4 - 18 | Sat. | 11am - 12pm

Can’t afford to hire a graphic designer for every post or announcement you need to make? This hands-on workshop will teach you how to make your quick graphics for social media & print.

Introduction to Spiritual Discernment

Jul. 6 - 20 | Mon. | 6- 7:30pm

This course introduces students to the formal practice of Spiritual Direction. Recognizing that the term Spiritual Direction or Discernment may be new for some and have different meanings depending on the religious context, this course will explore the rich history of Christian Spiritual Discernment, and it’s practices in modern society. Students will discuss biblical passages where discernment was exercised and consider what the theological implications of same are. Finally, students will explore the benefits of Spiritual discernment and direction and how God uses it as a form of divine providence and self-disclosure, all a part of the broader theological picture of God’s redemptive work in the earth.    

Adapting to a New Workplace Culture

Jul. 20 - 27 | Mon. | 11am - 12:30pm

In the troughs of change, we have an obligation to ensuring that our learning and capacity to grow increases. Adaptation is a critical skill to have when life throws proverbial curveballs. This pandemic gives us all an opportunity to reset, refocus and rethink how we do business and forge forward with a renewed sense of passion and pursuit of excellence.