$250 Training

DIY Websites

Jun. 22 - Jul. 1 | Mon. & Wed. | 6- 8pm 

This course is designed for all entrepreneurs who would like to learn how to build a website without coding, domain hosting, getting started with WordPress, how to install themes, working with templates, WordPress essentials and page builders. The course also covers how to use your website for online brand development and marketing strategies with business and blogging. The target audience is anyone 16+ with basic computer skills and knowledge. A domain and hosting account will have to be purchased, which is $96 per student.

Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management

Jul. 7 - 21 | Tue. | 6-8pm 

This course is designed to provide insight into the foundation of starting and managing a small company encompassing business and financial planning, available accounting solutions and how then in small businesses management as well as SMART financial management.

The target audience includes entrepreneurs, small to medium-sized business owners, and individuals who are currently working on a 9-5 that have a desire to open their own business or are presently operating a business on the side.

Coding 101

Jul. 13 - 27 | Mon. & Wed. | 6-8pm

This course is designed for students who want to master web development basics with new skills such as Website Mockup to HTML5, HTML to PHP and Localhost, WordPress Essentials with other coding languages, Bootstrap, CSS, and JQuery Essentials with steps to publishing a website on the internet.

This course is ideal for anyone who has basic computer knowledge and skills. A domain and hosting account will have to be purchased, which is $96 per student.