$150 Training

Business Continuity Plan (BCP) Building & Basics

Jun. 22 - Jul. 6 | Mon. | 11am - 12pm 

Business Continuity Management is simply a strategic management process aimed at minimizing the social and economic fallout in a company due to disruptions in normal business activities. This course provides a strong foundation in each area of a BPC by looking at what business continuity management is, why it is essential and be implemented within the overall risk management process.

This course is ideal for members of information security management, legal, compliance and risk management teams, information asset owners and Small and Medium Enterprise Owners.

Basic Principles of Project Management

Jun. 23 - Jul. 21 | Tue. | 6-7:30pm 

This course will cover the following topics: revision of knowledge areas and ITTOs, use case studies such as sample procedures and policies, the role in risk management, assumption log and daily logging, the importance of data collection, closing projects and handing over vital information as well as integration into day-to-day operations.

Basic principles of project management will use PMI and Rita Mulcahly course workbook. All sessions will be interactive and with a blended approach to teaching tools and aids.

How to Provide Great Customer Service During Crisis

Jun. 24 - Jul. 8 | Wed. | 11am - 12:30pm

This course provides practicable lessons that can immediately be incorporated into any organization’s service culture to enhance the level of service in the organization that are particularly important during a crisis.

Any business owner who may be struggling to reemerge from COVID19 with strong customer service skills, employees in the customer service field, customer-facing, and support staff can benefit greatly from this course.  As a result of taking this course, students will be able to enhance their connection and emotional intelligence skills.

The Emotionally Healthy Leader

Jul. 1 - 8 | Wed. | 11am - 12:30pm

This course is designed to empower participants to progress in each area of their life while helping others do the same. It will focus on mastering the mind and emotions to get the desired results and achieve the goals set. Anyone in leadership such as employees, management, employers, entrepreneurs, and parents will be able to enhance their leadership qualities, develop healthy, quality relationships, and increase productivity for themselves and others after taking this course.

Developing Organizational & Time Management Skills

Jul. 9 - 23 | Th | 11am - 12pm

This course is designed for anyone who desires to lead an organization, elevate to an administrative role or management position by acquiring effective leadership, organizational, and time management skills. Students will learn what organization and time management is, how to develop the skills needed, and the results and benefits of attaining and executing phenomenally successful and productive organization and time management skills.

Strategic Branding & Marketing Techniques for Success

Jul. 16 - 30 | Th | 6- 7:30pm

The purpose of this course is to introduce participants to the marketing of goods and services in a global economy. This course is designed to familiarize students with most of the activities and strategies employed by marketers. Students will also acquire a conceptual base for understanding the role of effective marketing and branding in a business environment.